If you are a member of the Municipal Pension Plan, we would like to share information with you about the significant changes that are being proposed to make the pension plan more equitable for all members. The webinars are currently full, but we would ask that you register your interest to assist us in future planning. Please click REGISTER NOW to identify your interest in future webinars.

Public Safety Members

The public safety membership within the Municipal Pension Plan makes up 3% of total members and is comprised of fire fighters and police officers. Within this membership, Group 2 and Group 5 are included. The proposed changes are unique to each group.

To learn more about the proposed changes for Group 2, click here.

To learn more about the proposed changes for Group 5, click here.

For in-depth information about the proposed changes for active public safety members, please click below for the full presentation.

Fast Facts

Implementing HAS 4

We are proposing to move to a highest average salary based on four years instead of five.

Supporting a 10-year Guaranteed Life Pension

We are proposing moving to a single life pension with a 10-year guarantee.

Early Retirement

Maintain the Rule of 80

FAQs for Public Safety Employees

Group 5

Group 2

Public Safety Employers

Retired Public Safety Members

If you are a retired member, please visit the Retired Members page  for more information