The official Municipal Pension Plan redesign engagement process is now complete. Please contact your union or employer for more information. Once a decision on plan design is made, more information will be available on the Municipal Plan website.

MPP Redesign Webinar Presentation – To provide an opportunity for all members to have access to the information shared in the live webinar sessions, a taped version of the webinar presentation, provided by plan partners, can be viewed here.

Implementing HAS 4

A part of how your pension is calculated is your highest average salary (HAS), which is currently your best five years of earnings as a plan member. One of the proposed changes for public safety (Group 2 and 5) is to change how your HAS is calculated: from your best five years to your best four years of earnings.

This proposed change is being considered to apply to all public safety service (service in Group 2 or 5) so long as you have at least one day of service in Group 2 or 5 on or after January 1, 2022. With fewer years across which to average your salary, your HAS will likely be higher. This will have a positive impact on your lifetime pension as most public safety members have a higher salary towards the end of their careers because of wage increases and promotions.

Caution: Be sure to consider any change in the context of all the proposed changes. You can check out information on the site about other changes.